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    4. Cylincam

      Environment Monitor/Camera/Gateway

      Smart Switch

      Stylish design, energy saving

      Dream Flower

      A multifunctional vase



      Home App V6

      Smart control, easier is more!


      Smart Control/Wide Application/Multi-language




      Environment Monitor/Camera/Gateway

      It looks smart and can rotate unlimitedly to 360 degrees when taking monitoring videos with 1080P HD resolution.

      Unlimited Rotation

      Horizontal Angle


      Smart Retina Doorlock


      Multiple ways for door unlocking

      This product has multiple methods for door opening, such as NFC, Fingerprint, Password, Card, and users can also open the door through remote control on App.

      Fingerprint Identification

      IR Night Vision

      IR Induction

      Smart Door Guardian


      Multiple ways for door unlocking

      With the typical function as door peephole, this exquisitely designed product has a built-in camera for remote viewing…


      Door Peephole

      IR Night Vision

      Dream Flower


      A multifunctional vase

      It displays the levels of PM 2.5, CO2, VOC gases and noise by intelligent interaction and also boasts 16 million colors lighting with four lighting modes…

      PM2.5 Detection

      CO2 Detection

      VOC Detection


      Wulian features in an end-to-end solution, including smart devices, gateway (hub), cloud server and App running on mobile terminals....

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      zigbee offers green and global wireless standards connecting the widest range of devices to work together ....

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      Wulian Business Management System (BMS) is specifically developed for enterprise users....

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      WLink Open Platform, aiming to eliminate communication barriers among Smart Home devices and transform traditional household appliances into smart ones....

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